Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

At the forefront of technology and innovation for meetings and events, Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley introduces the Bay Area’s only Virtual Events Studio. We created a film intended to turn heads and shake up the tech world as the world pivoted from in-person events and collaborations to virtual meetings.

International Students, Inc

"REACH" Online Course

Traveling to Seattle, Dallas, DC, and San Francisco to create a national campaign for International Students, Inc.

Creating an online course as a free resource to gain awareness of their message, fundraising, and interest in their non-profit.

Watch a short excerpt from one of the videos from their course.

Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

"Discover Baltimore with Four Seasons" was created to highlight this hidden gem on the East Harbor in Baltimore. Showcasing the fresh air and beauty of the water, mixed with the liveliness of the city and all the hotel has to offer as an urban getaway.

MDRN Athlete

Bringing a concept that is relatable to all levels of health and fitness. That moment where someone decides to give up, or push forward. Creating an ad campaign that could connect with the person doing yoga on the beach, the gym rat, the crossfitter, or anyone chasing a healthier lifestyle.